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Chichén Itzá, Yucatán - México ©María O. Baum
Chichén Itzá, Yucatán – México ©María O. Baum

“In Lak’ech Ala K’in,” “I am you, and you are me.” Maya Greeting

Welcome to Maya Journey

Join me on a journey of self-discovery, learning and magic. Learn about the World of the Maya and follow me when I visit pyramids and temples, Chamanes and Abuelos (Shamans and Maya Elders). Discover the enigmatic Maya culture that created a complex system of rituals and civil calendars as well as the vigesimal system that included the concept of zero. My goal is to spread the knowledge of the Maya in order to protect their rights and culture. Through education, we will change the world.

Please join us in this magical virtual trip and join our effort to spread the knowledge, magic and insight of the Maya Abuelos – “Elders.”

New Awakening – Transform your life


As part of our journey, we help build Eco-friendly stoves, Solar Straw Homes and Ecological Waste Systems. Please spread the information about the stoves as they are very easy to build, materials required are very inexpensive for us, and affordable to the locals.  If you go to a third world country please print the free manual with the instructions. It is very easy to follow and you can distribute them when you see the need.  Not only will you be saving trees and deforestation but you will be saving the lungs and the eyesight of the locals. I also posted the free manuals to build the Solar Straw Homes and Ecological Waste Systems: How to build an Eco-friendly Stoves, Homes, Water and Solar Systems  – Manual de Estufas de Leña y Casas de Paja – Wood Stoves and Straw Homes Manual.

You are welcome to use my content as a source but please make sure to link back to me and list me as your source. Pictures are copyright.

Agua Azul, Chiapas - México - © María O. Baum
Agua Azul, Chiapas – México – © María O. Baum

I’ve been trying to translate all my notes from the early 60′s. Many of the Abuelos – Elders and Chamanes – that taught me are living in other dimensions we can’t reach; they are gone. I hope their teachings can be printed so that the new generations can  learn from them. There are many authors that learn from school or visit the Maya for a couple of days and they are “experts.” I lived with the Maya-Lacandón; we had to hunt, eat and live like them. We had to take notes, draw and press leaves in our notes. My notes are falling apart and I would like to save all the information. My children’s e-book is based on one of the many legends of the Maya and my notes are almost transcribed. I have interviewed scores of Maya Elders over more than 30 years and have asked them to recount the most important aspects of their culture, history, belief systems and so on.

Never has a Maya Elder said: “We predict the world will end in 2012.” Because that is not and never was a Maya prediction. At the very least, I want to set the record straight on this one thing. We need to find how to publish the truth. I’ve received e-mails offering me a partnership, but that is not what I want. Thank you once more for your kind words. Sincerely, María

Edzná, Yucatán – México – © María O. Baum

15 thoughts on “Home

  1. Lucky Singalaxana

    I am from the island republic of Sri Lanka. We too have ancient ‘dagobas’ or Buddhist pagodas and I have heard that it has some connection with the Egyptian pyramids and the Mayan, Aztec structures and that they are some sort of markers for astral beings to follow.

    An interesting theory and would be glad if you could study and shed some light on these as well. Thank you.

    1. The stupas or dagobas in Sri Lanka are magnificent brick structures. The ancient civilizations in Mexico, central America and South America were not constructed in brick. The irrigation and water management, the position of temples (always reflecting the importance of the position of the planets and stars) are similar in many ancient civilizations around the world. I would love to learn more about your great culture and ancient civilization.
      In Sigiriya (Lion’s rock) the construction is different with large rocks and ancient frescoes. I would love to see a blueprint of the Sigiriya garden complete with the location as I think that we could compare the position of the avenue and temples with the wonderful archaeological site of Teotihuacan (Mexico) – “The City Where Men Become Gods.” http://teotihuacanpyramids.blogspot.com/ I am always amazed of all the elements that can be found in different sites all around the world. In the middle of the jungle, many years ago, I took the picture of an enormous Yin-Yang symbol. The site is in Lama’ an/ayin, North of Belize almost in the border with Mexico.
      Thank you for your interest, Maria

      1. Lucky Singalaxana

        Will be glad to provide you with details on Sigiriya, the Lion Rock or citadel. Several theories abound but yes, it is similar to Mayan structures. Will revert back to you when I have the details. Thank you.

  2. Hollis

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  5. Patricia hill

    I’ve come across your site and read a good bit of it. Thank you for what you have done and continue to do for the Maya. I am called to do a quest in Mexico with a group of maya women and children. This information came to me through a collective meditation recently on my birthday. Any guidance you may have that you’d be willing to share could prove to be tremendously helpful. Thank you for your time and commitment
    Lak’ech Ala K’in

  6. Lak’ech Ala K’in
    There is so much to do to protect their culture and knowledge. Now the struggle is with religion and the fear that some groups are using to gain their “souls.”
    One of the Elders told me,
    “my god I can see, I can talk with him and I can complaint to him, he wakes me up every morning, he is the sun. My god is the rain, I can complain when she doesn’t come, my god are my plants, I can sing to them and tell them how bad or good they are doing. I ask them if I can take their life when I cut them. They don’t answer senito, but I ask them because they are alive and I respect them. My diosito is here and everywhere, if I take care of him and me and every living thing, it is good, if not, I punish myself and every soul around me. We are all connected. Whatever you do over there where you are from affects us over here where we are. Diosito doesn’t punish us, we do.”

  7. Hola doña Maria !
    Como estas ?
    Espero TODO bien contigo.

    Funny…I was just in Naples, Florida visiting a Friend. Then, when I returned to Panamá, I found YOU and your websites ! I’m sorry The Timing wasn’t such that I could have met you when I was there. But, I look forward to an opportunity in the future . . .

    Would you PLEASE send me an email (you now have my address) so that I can communicate with you that way until then ? I would consider it an Honor.

    Kevin Reilly
    Tai Chi “instructor” etc.

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