Maya Civilization

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Chicanná, Península de Yucatán, México ©María O. Baum
Chicanná, Península de Yucatán, México ©María O. Baum

National Geographic: There are over six million Maya living in Guatemala, México, Honduras, El Salvador and Belize. Either through conflict or by introduced diseases, many Maya were exterminated by the Spanish invasion in the 16th century,  the survivors were stripped of their wealth and power and prevented from practicing their religion. Its ancient codices (books) were burned, and Maya writing was forbidden. Large amounts of information about their gods, rites, cosmology and history were lost forever.

Maya Glyphs – I hope that with the new discovery of Maya glyphs in Xultún, Guatemala, the big business of the “end of the world” will disappear. Here is the link with beautiful images of the excellent work of National Geographic.

Maya Civilization

For 1200 years the Maya civilization dominated Meso-América, while Europe was still in the dark ages. Approximately 12 centuries ago the civilization collapsed.

  • The Long Calendar system is one of the most noteworthy intellectual achievements.
  • They applied highly elaborated mathematical calculations recording the major historical events, events in the future and past.
  • Sometimes their calculations dated back to remote eras, thousands of years in the past.
  • Movements of the Moon, Mars, Venus and other stars were calculated with exactitude. 
  • Formulated equations that could predict when solar and lunar eclipses would take place.
Dresden Codex

Chicanná, Campeche – México ©María O. Baum
Chicanná, Campeche – México ©María O. Baum

Some of the Accomplishments of the Maya:

  • The difference with the Maya Calendar and ours is only of one tenth of a second.
  • Invention of the concept of zero. Our decimal system is multiplied by ten. The Maya mathematical system was vigesimal (multiplied by twenty), giving them the possibility to work with extremely large numbers. They also counted the days by fives, thirteen’s and twenties. The number thirteen was very important.
  • Charted the planets thousands of years ago, and tracked the Orion Constellation. Now we know that in the Orion Constellation is where the stars are born.
  • Precise record of prediction of eclipses: accurate within 7 minutes over 32 years.
  • Created Tables tracking the Cycles of “Chak Ek” (Venus) with an error of two hours over four hundred years.Venus was used to time warfare.
  • The Venus Tablets record the day 4 A’hau 8 Cumku as the Maya Creation Date. This system is known as the Long Count Calendar and it starts counting from the Maya Creation Date that corresponds to August 13, 3114 BC in the Gregorian calendar.
  • The end of the 13th. Baktún is either on December 21 or Dec. 22, 2012, when a New Sun or New Cycle will start.
  • The Maya also had Divinatory Almanacs with favorable and unfavorable days, regarding work, farming, warfare, birth, marriage, etc. The Calendar is formed with 3 interlocking cycles of 365 days. One of the circles has names, and the other has numbers lining up. Every 52 years the 3 cycles meet again and then, the cycle starts again.

Dresden Codex

Edzná, Campeche – México ©María O. Baum
Edzná, Campeche – México ©María O. Baum
Interview with an Elder – Abuelo Maya

    “To open the doors we need a key and this is what our rituals represent; the key to open the communication with our brothers from the sky. We need a ritual or invocation to open the dimensional portal and start our journey. Not everyone is capable to journey. Only a Chamán, Ah-men or someone who is well-prepared.” Maya Elder

    “So, if you are going to travel you need to open the door by making a ritual, I understand. But, if the visitor comes through a portal, does he/she need a key? Or the visitor is always welcome and can come as he/she pleases?”  María O. Baum

    “No Seňo, only in Wayeb when the portals are open they can come.” Maya Elder

    “How do I know when is Wayeb?”  María O. Baum

    You have to understand our Calendar.” He answered

    “I am interested to know about December 2012, many people talk about it. Many people are making money with it in other countries. I do not see that in here. Is there going to be a big change?”  María O. Baum

    “The portals will open. We are having problems with our government. The sacred sites of our antepasados (forefathers) are not open for the Maya people. They are open for the foreigners tourists and we need to go in, like before and do our rituals. We are not allowed. We need to go at different hours. We used to do our cleansing rituals, our energy rituals, (nuestras curanderas) our healers; that is all gone. They closed the doors as if we didn’t belong. We need to be there, inside. Not at the time they want us to be there, but when we need to be there. You understand?” Maya Elder

    “Yes, there is going to be a big change and we all have to work so that is swift and for the better. We all have to make our vibration up (increase our vibration.) We all have to unite. I do tell you Seňo, not even in your dreams you will imagine what is coming. Some people are still sleeping.” Maya Elder

INAH - Bonampak, Chiapas - México
INAH – Bonampak, Chiapas – México

Seven Maya Prophecies 

   “Written in stone seven prophecies were found. Based on the observations of the wise abuelos, the Maya predicted that from the year 3113 BC, when their civilization started, and, until December 21,2012, Father Sun will receive a strong beam synchronized from the galactic center that will changed its polarity, producing a radiant giant flare. This energy that is received from the center of the galaxy will increase and accelerate the vibration in the universe to lead to greater perfection in man, a strong shift to the harmonious integration with the whole universe, understanding and becoming aware that everything that surround us, everything that is alive and taking conscience that we are part of the whole universe and that we exist in a new era of light. This process has accelerated since the solar eclipse which occurred on August 11, 1999, when changes began to take shape that were necessary to renew the human social and ideological processes, where more people will find peace, learn to control their emotions and there will be more respect, be more tolerant and humanity will find unity. The third and fourth prophecy speaks of the climate changes that our planet has been suffering due to the strong charge of energy Mother Earth receives through intense live activity of Father Sun, making men more aware of their behavior with nature and the world it inhabits. The fifth Maya prophecy says that all systems based on fear, on which our civilization is based, will be transformed simultaneously with the planet and man, to make way for a new reality based in harmony. So in summary we can say that’s not the end of the world, but an opportunity to change and break our limitations by thinking and raising our vital energy and vibration; is a time for all mankind to make a conscious decision to change, eliminate fear and lack of respect for all our relationships.” Espacio Misión
The meaning of “Maya”

For the Maya, each letter has a weight, a number, a meaning. Each name has a vibration that gives color, sound and meaning. If you add or subtract a letter, it changes the vibration. The name is very important for the Maya. They believe it will affect the way the person is, that is why they believe their name should not be changed. They are Maya, not Mayan.

  • In Sanskrit, the word maya means illusion, dream: ma “no” and as “it.
  • Queen Maya of Sakya was the mother of Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama).
  • The Tibetan SgyuMa Maya translates as magic, bubbles, rainbow, mirage and dream.
  • Maia is the largest of the Pleiades in Greek and Roman mythology.
  • Maya in Persian means generous.
  • Maya is the name of a group of Australians.
  • Maya in Hebrew, is the short form of Ma’ayan” or spring.

How did the Maya selected their name?

Maya Chronicles Edited by Daniel G. Brinton AMS Press, New York. Taken from the 1882 edition, Philadelphia – Library of Congress: “Maya was the name of the indigenous Patriot Yucatan. It was the proper name of the northern part of the peninsula. It was the name used in a single province at the time of the Conquest, and was probably given as a generic term for this period, about a century ago, when the entire region was united under one government. The natives of all this region called themselves Maya uinic, Maya people, or Mayaa ah, the Maya, their language was Maya, Maya‘s speech, a native woman was called cħuplal Maya and their ancient capital was Maya Pan, Maya flag, because in ancient times established a standard of the nation, a flag elaborately crafted of bright feathers, which, in peace and in war, marked the meeting point of the Confederacy.

Curanderos - Ek'Balam - @ M.O.Baum
Curanderos – Ek’Balam – @ M.O.Baum

With great disappointment that we learn that in Ek’ Balam, in the Yucatan, the healers and the healing hut were destroyed. The Government of Mexico has built fences to keep them out. The locals can not go unless they enter in the premises at the hours that the park is opened and paying the fee. They are not allowed to do their healing inside the premises.

Wixáritari Huichol México – Library of Congress
Wixáritari Huichol, México – Library of Congress

Please read and do something about the Wixaritari and their fight against the Mexican government and a mining Canadian company that are destroying the sacred sites of the Toltec’s in the desert.

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